Each year we receive testimonials from many of our readers, here are just a few:

When I am having a challenging day I turn to my Winners Journal to refocus myself on my goals and action plans to get back on track. The Journal has many inspirational messages that address most situations I face in my professional and personal life. I couldn’t live a day without my Winners Journal.

Janie Hickman, Ohio


I wanted to write to let you know how much the Winners Journal has meant to me over the years.  I was first introduced to the journal over 20 years ago when my first mentor, Dr. Sparlin, gave each of his associates a Winners Journal for Christmas.  I was so excited I sat down and read it from front to back.  The section on goal setting helped to keep me focused and organized.  Since that time, I have purchased one for each staff member in my own clinic.  I still read mine as soon as I get it and continue to use it throughout the year.  Thanks for the inspirational thoughts.

 Dr. Mary E. Watkins, Georgia


If you are ready to transcend your past limitations and create extraordinary success for your life, the Winners Journal is the resource you need.  Providing you with life-enhancing affirmations, powerful lessons and space to record and reflect on your progress,it will empower you to Live Your Best Life Everyday!

"Yo Pa!"Hal Elrod, Bestselling Author of Taking life Head On! Motivational!  Youth Speaker, and Life Success Coach



I've been using the Winners Journal for 15 years and I love it!  It's efficient, organized and filled with inspirational stories, quotes and wonderful ideas on goal setting.  It's an excellent way to keep your mind focused on the positive on a daily basis.  I recommend it to anyone who wants to be a success.

From Capo (The Guinness Book of World Records Fastest Talking Female),
New York Comedienne/Author/Motivational Speaker


Thank you for your "Great!" Winners Journal!  I have been a faithful subscriber for many years, and your inspirational journal just gets better and more useful every year!  It is beautiful, thoughtful, and I love it!  Every day it inspires and motivates me to bigger and better goals each and every time I use it!  It is such a wonderful and useful journal that I really look forward to using everyday. All of the sayings and stories are very thoughtful and insightful, expressing real common sense and eternal wisdom! With sincere appreciation, and best wishes, I want to say a very warm heartfelt thanks for your great Winners Journal and allowing me to aspire to higher and loftier goals for the upcoming year!

Jerry D. Bailey, MHA (Masters of Healthcare Administration Degree), California


Personal success is starting each day of your of life with a positive attitude.  For the past 15 years the Winners Journal has been by my side to do just that - to jump start my inner world.  This excellent journal has helped me achieve success by setting goals, staying focused and feeling good about it all!  The Winners Journal is a tool of paramount importance in my world.  It helps me manifest my desires each and every day of the year as it brings me closer to my true potential.  My life as an artist/photographer has been filled with dreams come true and joyful experiences because of its philosophy.  I can't live without it!

Lucia Ravens, New Jersey