About the Authors

The AuthorsPam spent 31 years as a teacher, a coach, and a motivator of young people and adults. John has a been a Chiropractor in Kalamazoo, Michigan since 1975. Their son, daughter and son-in-law are Chiropractors. Twenty two years ago they had the opportunity to acquire The Winners Journal from Dr. Howard Jan. Dr. Jan wanted to retire and John and Pam had used The Winners Journal for years. They couldn’t imagine not being able to get a Winners Journal for themselves and their friends. They decided to carry on The Winners Journal legacy. Dr. Jan passed on The Winners Journal torch to John and Pam and they have been running with it ever since. Today, The Winners Journal has grown to be one of the most widely distributed and respected goal-setting and inspirational books on the market. The Winners Journal has been used by a wide variety of companies including Zappos and Merrill Lynch as well as teams of Chiropractors, Medical Doctors and Dentists, and many other professionals who want to be successful. 

The Winners Journal was founded in 1976, making this year’s printing the 44th edition. The Winners Journal is a production of Winning Publications, which publishes a variety of goal setting materials, wall calendars, and planners to assist in goal setting, staying organized and pursuing your dreams. 

John and Pam live in Kalamazoo, Michigan. They love to spend time with their family, including their four grandchildren. They love to travel and go to their home in Florida in the winter whenever possible. They use their Winners Journal daily, not only as a book to organize and plan each day but also as a diary so they can track their progress throughout the years. “It Is Their Ultimate Guide To A Winning Life.”